Real Seahawks Maldives is a leading provider of recognized products and services to the maritime industry. This includes safety products and services, ship agency service, yacht support service, maritime security service, logistics and marine services. We guarantee a fast and dependable service to all our clients.The staff at Real Seahawks Maldives take pride in offering a customized, personal service to all the clients. Our goal is to offer the most excellent agency service in the Maldives. At Real Seahawks Maldives, we offer first rate ship agency services in Maldives ports and cruise destinations in the Maldives. These standardized product brands and service solutions are backed up by an unparalleled global service organisation to meet your requirements for quality, availability and performance.

Our services include, but are not limited to ships clearance, full logistic services, immigration, customs, health authorities and visas, pilot planning, simulation and testing to estimate correct costs for your cruises.

Through our strong worldwide network and extremely flexible way of working, we are able to respond to all special shipping needs of our clients.